Massage Chairs

As a practicing massage therapy morfessional, having the ability to perform your craft in almost any location can be beneficial towards expanding and promoting your business.  Investing in a quality portable massage table is a smart business move, and at Oakworks, we provide quality products to choose from.  Whether you are interested in a standard chair, a desktop package or a top of the line portable massage table, you can be certain that each one is custom crafted to suit your needs.


 Whether you are in the beginning stages as a massage therapist or a seasoned pro, the reality is that quality equipment is the key to providing excellent service as a professional.  If your equipment isn't holding up or has shoddy workmanship, your customers could potentially feel uncomfortable and take their business elsewhere; with quality pieces from Oakworks, move beyond the competition and make your mark in the industry. 


 At Oakworks, we provide massage tables, massage chairs and other quality accessories for the massage industry.  Contact us today with any questions you may have: (717) 235-6807 or send us a message here.  Our leadership, innovation and strong work ethic separate us from the others, and we are proud to present our massage products and accessories to you. 
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