Side Lying Positioning System Information

The side lying position is extremely useful across a wide range of massage modalities, but one of the most popular uses of this versatile position remains prenatal massage. The side lying position is naturally perfect for prenatal massage because of the way it relieves pressure on the lower abdomen. The Side Lying Positioning System by Oakworks facilitates this effect by effectively supporting joints and ligaments that tend to be pulled into uncomfortable positions while lying on your side. The SLP System was developed in coordination with several Oakworks engineers and prenatal massage therapy instructors, including Carole Osborne, Author of Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy and 2008 AMTA National Teacher of the Year.

Not only is the Side Lying Positioning System perfect for prenatal massage, but the system also works well for labor and breastfeeding, making it a valuable tool for mothers during every step of their pregnancy. Made from Oakworks luxurious AeroCel padding, wrapped in PVC Free Terra Touch upholstery, the Side Lying Positioning System is a safe way to add unrivaled comfort to every step of pregnancy. More than just a set of bolsters, the Side Lying Positioning System will dramatically improve the quality of life of expecting mothers.

The Oakworks Side Lying Positioning System is actually a six piece system of specially designed bolsters that provide the best ergonomic support for the side lying position available on the market today. The headrest supports and aligns the cervical vertebrae while still allowing arm movement. The torso cushion is designed to lift the patient to reduce pressure on the shoulder and hip by while breast recesses ensure that the weight is distributed in a comfortable way. The SLP's leg cushion can be used as a prop for the knee at two different height levels, or may be placed between the legs to support the hips in a straight legged position. Use a favorite pillow in conjunction with the SLP System by slipping on the included pillow cover. This allows for a customizable experience, since the user is free to choose their preferred level of support combined with the superior hygiene of Oakworks Terra Touch fabric. Finally, the adjuster wedge gives you the ability to fine tune the height and angle of any of the SLP's other parts, and the strap lets you pack up and carry the entire package, or transform it into a completely new configuration. Each piece of the Side Lying Positioning System is precisely designed to support a specific region of the body, but when assembled into a single unit, they form a backrest that creates a 45 degree incline. This configuration is ideal for practitioners who have a flat top table, but would like the added versatility of a backrest table. This is essential for treatments that require the head to rest at a level above the heart because of circulation issues.

Another benefit of the Side Lying Positioning System is that it works to reduce the effects of sleep apnea, a condition that causes people to stop breathing for short periods of time during the night, causing a variety of serious health issues such as high blood pressure (Hypertension), sharp drops in blood oxygen levels (Hypoxia), Cardiovascular problems, extreme daytime fatigue and an increased risk of stroke. Pregnant women are actually more likely to develop sleep apnea because increased levels of estrogen can cause the swelling of nasal membranes, making breathing at night even harder. Heartburn, or the more serious GERD (Gasto Esophageal Reflux Disease) is another condition that is more prevalent among pregnant women. Studies have shown that up to 80% of pregnant women experience GERD to some degree during their pregnancy. This is due to a slowing of the muscles that aid in peristalsis (swallowing), as well as increased pressure on the stomach from the growing fetus. While not as dangerous as sleep apnea, GERD can be an extremely uncomfortable and even painful condition that the vast majority of pregnant women are forced to endure. One thing that these two very different health complications have in common is that they are very easily and conveniently treated by the Side Lying Positioning System's backrest configuration. Lying supine at a 45 degree angle simultaneously helps to open blocked airways and keep stomach acid from rising up the esophagus.